September is already upon us and that means our children are embarking on a wonderful new school year and furthering their education. Shouldn’t we give them every advantage they can get? If you have not yet scheduled a school physical for your child, or are skeptical of its importance, please allow us to explain why this simple, but valuable appointment can make a world of difference to your child’s health and school performance. 

The health of teens and young children can change drastically within a year’s time. Annual physicals help us monitor any changes with your child’s health and development, while also safeguarding them from future problems. What we learn today can help protect us for tomorrow.

While the requirement for annual physical exams vary depending on the state and school, we find it is of extreme importance to conduct yearly exams regardless of requirement. Not only do we monitor how your child is developing, but we ensure they are up-to-date on vaccines to protect them from various diseases. We proudly work together with school administrators to ensure our children are at the pinnacle of health.

It’s important to note that annual exams, or preventative visits, differ from what can be called “sick visits”. Preventative visits are an in-depth physical review of your child’s development, sleeping habits, nutrition, and safety. It is at this time we discuss important topics concerning your child’s overall health and ensure they are meeting developmental milestones. “Sick visits”, however, are when your child is already showing symptoms of illness and where we help find immediate solutions for those ailments. 

Though we find the best time to schedule your child’s annual exam to be during the spring or summer months before their next school year, it is not too late to make that appointment now! If your child participates in sports, this process can help expedite their enrollment and ensure they are healthy enough to play. 

We cannot stress the importance of annual exams enough. They provide invaluable information regarding the development of your child, while also safeguarding them from potential future issues. At My Doc Urgent Care in Garfield, New Jersey we are currently offering a $99 2 for 1 special on back-to-school physicals, perfect for families! We accept most insurances and have affordable options for those without insurance. Contact us today to schedule your appointment: (201) GET-WELL!